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15th Global Conference on Ageing

No person, young or older, is expendable. Older people have the same rights to life and death as everyone else. They are neither invisible nor powerless, their voices and leadership count. Now is not the time to stand aside – we have a collective responsibility to help influence and shape policy with and on behalf of older people into the future. Join thousands of delegates from around to world in this in-person and virtual global conference on ageing. We can come together as a global community to inspire, enquire, learn and advocate for policies and practices that create an environment that will enable older people to do what they have reason to value. Action areas of the Decade of Healthy Ageing form the structural pillars of this conference: ageism, age-friendly cities and communities, primary health care, and long-term care. No conference on ageing can be without the theme of older people and pandemics which has fundamentally impacted the current and future generations on older people. We have a profound responsibility to reach across the aisle and partner with sectors and disciplines toward a common agenda. Unity can only happen when governments, NGOs, industry, academia and older people walk together.